Unclaimed Property Advocate

Corporations face many unique issues when it comes to unclaimed property. Unclaimed Property is not a tax, but has annual reporting requirements like state tax returns. The information comes from functional departments like accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, legal, marketing, and human resources.

Who will provide the guidance to bring all these functions together into a streamlined and efficient process for your company?

Unlike other areas of law and accounting, very few companies can manage unclaimed property in-house and must rely on outside counsel and experts to guide them.

That’s where Kimberly DeCarrera comes in! Working with DeCarrera Law, you’ll receive the guidance necessary to guide you through the compliance, audit, and voluntary disclosure processes.

With experience from both legal and accounting, Kimberly DeCarrera is uniquely situated to provide your company with the efficiency necessary to focus on your core business and know that your unclaimed property duties and responsibilities are satisfied.

Unclaimed Property Advocate

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