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Serving companies throughout the entire business lifecycle from entrepreneurs and startups to high-growth middle-market and Fortune100 companies and non-profits

Strategic Partnerships

Actionable Business Advice

For growing companies, you need a partner you can count on to give you sound and strategic legal advice.

Kimberly DeCarrera has served as in-house counsel, as a Chief Legal Officer. She knows what companies need – quick, to the point, legal advice that you can take immediate action on.

No need for long winded legal memos (unless you want that!)

You want bullet point pros and cons and a recommended action item.

That’s what you get with DeCarrera Law, LLC.

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Your New Corporate Legal Department

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What is a Fractional General Counsel?

Many companies have a legal department. Their top lawyer is often called either a General Counsel or a Chief Legal Officer.

This lawyer is a generalist (hey, lawyers aren’t always known as the creative types when it comes to titles!) that does a little of everything, from contracts to legal org charts to employment law. They manage outside counsel and litigation matters. They are an adviser to the other departments, including sales & operations, marketing, finance, and technology.

But many companies are not big enough to need a full legal team. Or do not have the resources for such a department.

That’s where the Fractional General Counsel comes in! Think of DeCarrera Law as your legal department!

The new modern legal department is scalable, with on-demand help only as needed. DeCarrera Law scales with your needs, as your company scales.

Kimberly DeCarrera
Additional Services

Business Law Services

From startup to dissolution, DeCarrera Law provides a full range of business law services.

  • Incorporations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Contract Drafting
  • Employment Law
  • Online Business/Blogs/Creatives
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DeCarrera Law, LLC also serves as overflow counsel for corporate legal departments.

Can DeCarrera Law manage our litigation?

Yes! DeCarrera Law is experienced in managing multiple litigation matters simultaneously.

As your top lawyer, Kimberly DeCarrera will manage all the other lawyers that you might need. While you retain the ultimate decision making ability, Kimberly DeCarrera can help you select local or specialty counsel for specific litigation.

She’ll advise on strategy and even review their bills. She’ll negotiate on your behalf and help you decide on next steps. She’ll even translate the legal speak into a language that you can understand, that’s relevant to your business!

Springboard Legal

Kimberly recognized a need in the legal marketplace for new startup business owners, founders, and mid-market executives. That is where Springboard Legal comes into play.

Springboard Legal is a new division of DeCarrera Law, LLC, offering courses and other educational resources for entrepreneurs and business owners. Here, business owners will be able to access curated resources and information to help you on your path to business success.


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