How to Respond to Letters from DeCarrera Law

Did You Receive a Letter from DeCarrera Law?

Then one of our clients might have some money for you!

See, every state has laws that require companies to report uncashed checks, unredeemed stocks, dormant bank accounts, and more as unclaimed property.

Part of this reporting process includes sending owners a letter notifying them that they have potential unclaimed property that may be reported to the state. This process is called “due diligence.”

And that’s the letter you received.

Don’t Ignore the Letter!

If you ignore the letter, then the property described in the letter will be reported to the state as unclaimed property.

Once the property is reported, you will have to go through the state to receive the money. And it may take awhile before the money becomes available for claims.

And if the property is stock, then the state may sell your stock and only give you the cash from the sale. So if the stock is going up, you may lose the value of the additional appreciation.

How to Respond

Review your records to see if the money is owed to you. In some cases, it is an error on the company’s part and you may have already received the money.

Then check the appropriate box on the letter. Fill out all the information on the letter so that the company can send you a new check or reactivate your account. Don’t forget to sign the letter!

Then send the completed letter through one of the following methods:

US Mail:
Due Diligence Responses
DeCarrera Law, LLC
PO Box 467280
Atlanta, GA 31146


You only need to send the letter once.

Is there more money available for me?

Maybe. It’s entirely possible that someone has already reported money owed to you as unclaimed property.

To find out, you’ll need to search the state databases and follow the state’s instructions on how to claim the money.

Many of the states have joined together to make it easy for you to search: Just go to to begin your search.